“excellentia semino excellentia”

Mornington Sanford Aviation has just completed the first Robinson R66 Airframe Differences Course at the premises of HeliCo situated in Pyatigorsk City, Southern Russian.

The R66 course with the RR300 engine directly followed an R44 with Lycoming engine course.

Both courses were conducted via an interpreter; 10 days for the R44 type with the Lycoming Engine and 5 days for the R66 Airframe Differences Course with the RR300 Engine.

The R66 Airframe differences course commenced with an over view of the R66 systems and its associated RR300 engine followed by a thorough review of the R66 airframe maintenance manual including aircraft systems, scheduled maintenance and general certification requirements.

Days 3, 4 & 5 covered the RR300 engine, commencing with a through review of the engine servicing requirements and then a detailed review of the engine components, systems and operation.

Russian Technicians who have attended the RHC factory course and gained the course certificate will be able to attend just an R66 airframe differences course including the RR300 engine course and examination.

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