Nigerian Air Force

The helicopters are to be used for flight training at their base in Enugu.

The Nigerian Air Force Invites the World Famous ‘Pink Shirt’ (Richard Mornington-Sanford) to their base in Enugu to conduct a Robinson R66 with RR300 engine Type training Course and assemble their first two (2) R66 helicopters.

11 technicians (including two members of the Nigerian Aviation Authority) attended the theoretical element of the course, which was conducted at their new facility in Enugu, followed by the assembly of their R66 helicopters in Lagos as a practical element. Due to some very late nights studying as a group all attendees passed the end of course examination.

The Nigerian Air Force will take delivery of several more R66 helicopter in the next few months and I am sure that they will be the first of many military/police forces to use the R66 as a training platform for which it is an outstanding product.

This is just another example of the rest of the World forging ahead with an outstanding helicopter, whilst Europe is hamstrung by the politics of EASA.

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