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Richard Mornington-Sanford

Richard Mornington-Sanford with Frank Robinson

Richard Mornington-Sanford, of Mornington Sanford Aviation, has worked closely with Robinson Helicopters for some 18 years, in the areas of engineering, flight safety and accident investigation. It gives me great pleasure in awarding Richard with Robinson Helicopters approval to conduct factory equivalent Robinson R22/R44 maintenance courses within the UK, Eire and Europe”.

Frank Robinson 1998


Richard Mornington-Sanford has forty years of experience in the aviation industry; 30 of these are with the Robinson product. A CAA licensed helicopter engineer, flight instructor (helicopters) and air accident investigator, his unique combination of expertise means that he is in demand from countries worldwide.

With over 26 years flight instruction experience, Richard is passionate about flight safety and devotes a considerable amount of time to that cause; primarily through conducting the Robinson R22/R44 Pilot Flight Safety Courses and lecturing human factor topics worldwide.

He is Robinson Helicopters Accident/Technical Investigator and conducts the Robinson Factory Maintenance Course in the UK, Europe and Worldwide together with EASA Part 147 type training approval.

With CAA engineering and flight instructor licences, he is credited with having unrivalled experience outside of the factory on the Robinson product.


Richard in an R22

Areas of expertise

Factory maintenance Robinson R44 Maintenance course Heliluck Bangkok January 2012

We at Heliluck would just like to say thank you for the outstanding Robinson R44 maintenance courses and Pilot training Course you have conducted with us at our facility in Bangkok over the past few years.Your product knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and a credit to Robinson Helicopter Company. Your help and support has been invaluable. We look forward to your next visit to us later in the year.”

Heliluck Aviation, Robinson Helicopter Dealer, Thailand, 2012